5 Features That Make TinyJohn Different Than Competitors

TinyJohn, a line of water-less, self-contained, completely off the grid incinerating toilets, are currently the best on the market. The TinyJohn offers, as well as provides, more efficient features that other brands are lacking. What you won't be able to find in those other brands you'll most definitely find in the TinyJohn. As a matter of fact, there are 4 features in particular that sets TinyJohn apart from the others.

1) Cleaning Is Made Easy

TinyJohn is different from it's competitors because it comes equipped with a removable bowl that makes it easier to clean. Other incinerating toilet brands weren't designed to have the whole toilet bowl removed, therefore, they won't be as easy to clean as the TinyJohn. EcoJohn also provides refreshing royal mist spray that helps clean the bowl as well. Ultimately, cleaning your TinyJohn is really simple.

2) Can Run On Propane And Electricity

Most incinerating toilets run only on electricity, but TinyJohn can run on both gas and electricity. All one needs in order for their TinyJohn to function on propane is a standard 5 gallon barbecue propane tank, you don't need anything too fancy.

3) Trap Door Closes When Flushed

TinyJohn was designed with your safety in mind. As soon as you open the seat, open the control unit, or open the ash chamber, Tiny John instantly shuts down.  In contrast, there is a line of incinerating toilets that allows users to flush (opens hatch to incineration chamber) while sitting on the toilet. This is, suffice it to say, dangerous, because the user risks getting burned by the flames. With TinyJohn you don't ever have to worry about being burned by flames. 

4) Signal Detection

If there is a problem with your toilet, TinyJohn will tell you. It is the only brand that provides an actual description of the problem and troubleshooting. It can also be set to remind you of cleanings.

5) Efficiency

The TinyJohn efficiency is superior to any other incinerating toilet brand. If comparing, you should ask and see how long a Urine and Waste Cycle last, and how many watts they consume per cycle or hour. The TinyJohn only requires 20W at 12VDC during operation, and a urine cycles takes 21 minutes and a waste cycle about 45 minutes.