5 Reasons You Should Use A TinyJohn Incinerating Toilet

If switching to an incinerating toilet isn’t good enough reason to leave your toilet alone, then EcoJohn can definitely make you reconsider with it’s completely off-the-grid, waterless and self-contained TinyJohn incinerating toilet.  You’re probably wondering what makes TinyJohn so much better than those other toilets? Well, I can give you 5 reasons as to why TinyJohn is the best toilet brand on the market.

1) Off-the-Grid

When I say that TinyJohn is off-the-grid, I mean it is really off-the-grid.  You can literally transport your TinyJohn anywhere you please! Unlike any other incinerating toilets, TinyJohn functions on propane. All one needs is a propane tank; it can be as simple as a 5 gallon barbecue propane tank. Even better, you also have the liberty to run TinyJohn on natural gas with a simple attachment.

2) Safe For Environment 

TinyJohn offers one of the most eco-friendly solutions to handling your "business".  For starters, it burns waste into a sterile ash and only emits a minuscule amount of CO and Co2. Not to fear, though; the emissions from TinyJohn hardly even register on the EPA emissions table. Also, the CO and Co2 emissions are only a few parts per million. That's essentially nonexistent! In other words, TinyJohn provides a zero waste, completely self-contained disposal solution. Low emissions. No bacteria.

3) Easy To Install 

With a product that is so cleverly ingenuitive and revolutionizing, one might get the impression that it would be hard to install, but that is quite the contrary for TinyJohn. In fact, it is fairly simple to get your toilet up, running, and ready to use. TinyJohn comes equipped with a 3” exhaust pipe to run outside and a standard 5’ propane hose and regulator. All you have to do is twist your propane connections on at the TinyJohn terminal as well as the terminal coming from your propane tank. Then voila! You can use your TinyJohn anywhere.

4) Easy To Use

Your only job for TinyJohn is to use it! Sound simple right? That's because it is. It works like a conventional toilet except it is water-less, off-the-grid, self-contained, and burns waste. All you have to do is open the seat then do your thing (use liner if applicable). Close the seat when you're done, then hit the flush button. The rest TinyJohn does for you!

5) Very Low Maintenance

Perhaps my favorite aspect of the TinyJohn is how easy it is to care for. It is no hassle at all to clean! All you have to do is pull the tray out from the access panel and dump the small amount of ashes into your yard or trashcan. You could even vacuum it out of the chamber if you'd like. Even better, TinyJohn can remind you of cleanings so you'll never forget to give your toilet a little TLC.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't you want to have the liberty to go anywhere, anytime with little to no hassle ? Make your life easier and get yourself a TinyJohn.