Incinerating Toilets | Why Should I Buy The TinyJohn Incinerating Toilet?

Incinerating toilets are the new best thing! They are waterless, self-contained systems that work independent of any sewer or septic system. Incinerating toilets are typically dependent upon electric power, but very few rely on natural or propane gas. TinyJohn, however, is one of the very few incinerating toilets that functions on propane. With a simple attachment, you could also run your TinyJohn on natural gas. What's even more special about the TinyJohn is that it is off-the-grid. People who live off-the-grid are completely void of public utilities, so if you own a tiny home or an RV, the TinyJohn is the perfect option for you. It grants you full liberty on where you can place your toilet. Heck, you could set up your TinyJohn in the middle of a field if you wanted to! Let me tell you about how it works.

How does it work?

Just as the "incinerating" in incinerating toilet implies, the TinyJohn turns solid waste into sterile ash. It evaporates urine with the same process. To use your TinyJohn, you open the seat and apply wax paper liner provided by EcoJohn to the bowl. After you've applied your liner, you may use the toilet per usual. When you're done, close the toilet seat then hit the flush button. After the button is hit, the trap door will open and release the waste. Once the trap door closes, the burn cycle will begin and will continue until finished.

The cool thing about the TinyJohn is that it alerts you when incineration is finished by flashing a green LED indicator. If there is any problem with the burn cycle, a red LED will flash with a description of the problem and troubleshooting. When max capacity light is on, you must wait for the burn cycle to finish. Another cool aspect of TinyJohn is that it can be set to remind you of cleanings, so if you're forgetful, TinyJohn can do the remembering for you! Though TinyJohn will not leave a foul other lingering around, you can still use royal mist to create a pleasant smelling environment.

Incinerating toilets are the new best thing, but the TinyJohn is the new better thing.