Incinerating vs. Conventional Toilets | Why Incinerating Toilets Are Best

For someone who travels a lot, I've discovered that conventional flush toilets aren't very, well...conventional. In fact, they're far from normal. When you're traveling many miles or live in a tiny home off the grid, managing a flush toilet is pretty much impossible. So if you're debating the difference between incinerating vs. conventional toilets, there's really no competition. Incinerating toilets will get a knockout every time!  Here are some reasons why incinerating toilets are the best.


Unlike incinerating toilets, conventional flush toilets cannot operate separately from a septic system.If you pull a flush toilet from the floor, it won't work, it'll be useless! It's like pulling a tree out of the ground from the root. Do you think the tree will still grow? No, it won't. Therefore, flush toilets won't work if you attempt to carry it's heavy frame around. On the other hand, incinerating toilets do not need to be connected to a septic system. They run off of electricity, and in the case of the TinyJohn by EcoJohn, gas and propane. Incinerating toilets are completely portable and can be taken wherever.


It should go without saying, but flush toilets are not good for water conservation They use a ton of water each day! Older model toilets use from 3.5 to 7 gallons a day while newer high efficiency models use 1.28 to 1.6. The high efficiency models use a significant less amount but 1 gallon of water daily is still a bit excessive. You could be using all of that water for other purposes. Incinerating toilets allow you to keep your perfectly good water because they don't need water to function. You can drink it, bathe in it, save it, heck, you can do whatever you want with it because you have the choice to do so.


If we're being honest here, nobody likes cleaning their toilet. It's not a fun task. Wouldn't you like to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your toilet? I have the perfect solution! All you have to do is switch to an incinerating toilet . You won't ever have to spend minutes upon minutes on your knees scrubbing for your life. Plus you won't have to spend another penny on plungers and toilet brushes again! Incinerating toilets are extremely easy to clean and maintain because they basically do all the work for you. Your only job is to dump the small amount of ashes out when it gets full. See, it's really simple right?

Now that you know the difference between incinerating toilets and conventional toilets, can you see why incinerating toilets are the best?