Ten Frequently Asked Questions About TinyJohn Incinerating Toilets

There has been a lot of interest in incinerating toilets lately. The TinyJohn is the best brand of incinerating toilets, so, non-surprisingly, we get a lot of questions about it. We know you've been dying to know the answers to these questions, so we are here to provide them for you!

1) How Heavy Is TinyJohn?

TinyJohn is 65 pounds; easy for two people to carry.

2) Is TinyJohn Portable?


3) Can the TinyJohn be used while it is in a burn cycle? 

Yes, the TinyJohn can handle back to back flushes. As soon as one opens the seat, the burn cycle stops. It will stagger the amount of flushes and ensure it incinerates all waste to ash. The toilet can handle 8 people in a row (urine flushes), or 4 people in a row (waste flushes), before it hits max capacity. 

4) Can TinyJohn Go Completely Off-Grid?

Yes indeed! TinyJohn only requires a 12VDC battery source and a small propane tank.

5) Is it difficult to hook up? 
No. In fact, it is relatively easy. Any handyman/contractor can easily install the toilet. One only have to install the vent pipe, propane line, and lastly connect the power (12VDC battery or 120V/240VAC).

6) Does the vent stack or chimney get hot?

No. However, it does get a bit warm. The TinyJohn is equipped with single wall insulation. It is warm to the touch. The exhaust begins at 240 F. It releases at around 200 F from the top of the pipe, but the pipe will not burn you.

7) How Often Do I Need To Empty The Ashes?

This all depends on usage. If 2 people use it daily, we recommend checking the ashes every 3 weeks. We also recommend that you check the ash chamber every time you change the propane tank.

8) How Do I Clean Out The Ashes? 

To clean the ashes from your TinyJohn you'll first open the access panel in front of the Tiny John. Then you'll pull out the tray and dump the neutralized ash in your yard or trash, or you could even vacuum the small amount from out of the chamber. It's that easy!

 9) Is TinyJohn safe?

Completely! TinyJohn has several internal safety features: temp sensors, safety shut off valves and switches to prevent anything from catching fire, it is a completely sealed unit, and it is completely insulated and has a sealed burn chamber. As soon as you open the seat, open the control unit, or open the ash chamber, TinyJohn instantly shuts down.

10) Is it good for the environment?

Yes! As a matter of fact, TinyJohn provides a zero waste, completely self-contained disposal solution. There are no emissions or bacteria.