The Best Toilet For A Tiny Home Is TinyJohn Incinerating Toilet

People usually don't consider toilets much when searching for their dream home. Tiny homes, however, require special attention. You must devote time to finding the perfect toilet and evaluating which would be more efficient for your tiny home. In fact, a toilet can make or break a tiny home. Recirculating or flush toilets won't be the most effective choice for a tiny home because they both require water. Composting and dry flush toilets on the other hand carry its own set of challenges that tiny home owners just shouldn't have to deal with.  The best toilet for a tiny home is the TinyJohn incinerating toilet by EcoJohn. I can provide many reasons as to why this is so.


Tiny homes are, as the name implies, tiny. This probably makes finding the perfect toilet for your humble abode a little more challenging. Thanks to ECOJOHN, your search just got a whole lot easier! TinyJohn was designed with tiny home owners in mind. It weighs only 65 pounds and is compact enough to fit in the smallest of spaces, and we know how important space is when operating in tiny homes.


One of the many reasons why TinyJohn is the perfect toilet for tiny homes is because it is portable.  You can take your TinyJohn absolutely anywhere without it losing any of its functionality. It will work just the same in the middle of the desert as it would in your tiny home. It is also light enough for 1-2 person(s) to carry, so you can install it yourself (installation is easy, check out our FAQ page for more information).

Environmentally Friendly 

TinyJohn is a water-less, completely off-the-grid, self-contained incinerating toilet that can be taken anywhere. The water-less factor of TinyJohn allows tiny home owners to truly enjoy their tiny home off-the-grid. Since TinyJohn doesn't require water, you can use it to do other things. You can even save it! TinyJohn gives you that option. Save yourself time contemplating which toilet would be best for your tiny home . TinyJohn has all you would ever need in a toilet and would be one of the best decision you ever made for you tiny home! So get yourself a TinyJohn and never contemplate, or worry, again.