The Best Toilet For Houseboats And Yachts Is The TinyJohn

Many houseboat/yacht owners have had problems with their marine toilets. If they haven't had any yet, then problems are most likely to eventually arise. I'm sure it's hard to enjoy oneself when you're always meddling with your toilet. Who wants to bother with a toilet when they could be enjoying their time on the water? I know I wouldn't! But, fear not, because I have a solution where you won't ever have to worry about your toilet again! The solution comes in the form of an incinerating toilet called the TinyJohn.


Upgrading to a TinyJohn incinerating toilet can save you lots of time and stress when it comes to the upkeep of your toilet. The things you have to worry about in a marine toilet aren't even the case for incinerating toilets. For instance, many houseboat and yacht owners frequently complain about a foul odor coming from their marine toilets. The TinyJohn won't leave a nasty smell lingering in your yacht/houseboat because all waste is burned and then turned into sterile ash. You can even use the royal mist spray provided by EcoJohn to freshen your space even more.

Unlike marine toilets, incinerating toilets don't experience "backflow". Backflow is another common complaint about marine toilets. One reason backflow occurs is when someone pours household cleaners into the toilet. This causes the rubber valves to soften which reduces performance. If the rubber valves become obsolete, it goes without saying that you would have to buy new ones. That costs money. Also, you have to make sure to get special marine toilet cleaner. That's even more money! You can save money by switching to TinyJohn. TinyJohn is easy to clean. All you have to do is open the access panel in front, pull out the tray, and dump the neutralized ash into the trash. You can even set TinyJohn to remind you of cleanings.

Most importantly, you can take your TinyJohn anywhere! It is off-the-grid, water-less (which makes it environmentally friendly), and self contained. Stop spending all of your time trying to maintain your toilet, instead, find a toilet that can do all the work for you! Let TinyJohn do the work for you.