The Incinerating Toilet Is Revolutionizing The Cabin Industry

Incinerating toilets are revolutionizing the cabin industry! If you haven't heard about the wonderful features of the incinerating toilet yet, I'll introduce them to you. I'll also demonstrate to you why its changing cabins for the better and making owners a whole lot happier with their bathrooms. Before the invention of the incinerating toilet, composting toilets were the go to for many cabin owners. Now its time for owners to "get with the times" so to speak, and experience the incinerating toilets for themselves.

One great thing about incinerating toilets is that they work independent of any septic or plumbing system.  It is possible for you to install incinerating toilets absolutely anywhere, including cabins that don't have access to said systems. With incinerating toilets you are not subject to a certain area, you have the freedom to set up your cabin in a nice secluded area. The reason incinerating toilets can work independent of a septic or plumbing system is because they're waterless. This is a wonderful feature for reasons I will soon explain.

Since a lot of cabins are in areas where water is scarce, taking an ecofriendly route could be beneficial. Instead of using tons of water to get rid of urine and waste, you could use those tons for more practical reasons. You could save it, drink it, or do whatever you want with it! Incinerating toilets give you that option. Another great reason to have a waterless toilet for your cabin is the security it grants when it gets cold. You will never have to worry about your incinerating toilet freezing. It will still be fully functional!

Not only are incinerating toilets great because they are water-less or can be installed anywhere. They are also low maintenance, portable, and easy to care for. Incinerating toilets are indeed revolutionizing the cabin industry, but you don't have to take my word for it. Try it out for yourself. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!