This Is Why The Incinerating Toilet Is Revolutionizing The RV Industry

Looking for the most efficient way to use and maintain your potty while on the road? Well, you don't need to look any further! Incinerating toilets are here to the rescue! Don't think for a second that you have to settle for less. Recirculating and composting toilets are not the only options for RV owners anymore; incinerating toilets are revolutionizing the game, and they are here to stay. Here are some facts about the incinerating toilet that you should know before wasting your time considering other toilets.

No Water Necessary

On top of the incinerating toilet being self-contained and off-the-grid, it also does not require water! Instead of using water to rid your toilet of waste, you can use it for other important things. Also, if you are eco-friendly, you actually have the option to exercise that lifestyle with the incinerating toilet. Conserve water, get an incinerating toilet. Sounds good doesn't it?

Odor Essentially Nonexistent 

Unlike the composting or recirculating toilet, the incinerating toilet will not leave a foul odor in your RV. Waste isn't just sitting around attracting flies, nor is it being dissolved and swished around a unit. Instead, the incinerating toilet burns waste into sterile ash and can last for weeks before needing to be dumped! Even better, bowl liners protect the bowl from getting smeared, which makes for a less messy toilet and bathroom.

Low Maintenance

One of the best perks of having an incinerating toilet is the low amount of maintenance. In fact, I can recall a time someone would have benefited from having an incinerating toilet. I was camping when I saw a man on his knees beside his RV. He was cleaning his composting toilet in frustration. All I could think was that his life would be so much easier with an incinerating toilet.

Easy to Install 

Incinerating toilets are portable and very compact which means they can fit anywhere. The TinyJohn, specifically, weighs only 65 pounds. One to two people can carry this toilet!

The Incinerating toilet is the best choice for RVs! Don't just watch the revolution, be a part of the revolution.