RV lifestyle without a black water tank!

Are you tired of Emptying your Blackwater Tank? Do you find yourself thinking, “There must be a more advanced way to handle this problem”? Want to spend your leisure time as off the grid as possible? TinyJohn is the solution! Our self-contained, sterile, incinerating toilet uses no water, minimal fuel, and can be used in any environment. Our system frees up valuable space in your RV for additional storage, many customers replace the blackwater tank with additional fresh water, which allows you to stay out boondocking longer. The TinyJohn incinerating toilet system is compact, easy to set up and maintain, and requires minimal effort on the part of the user. 

If vented according to set-up instructions,TinyJohn can even be used while your RV is in motion. It requires only a 12V battery and a 5 gallon propane tank for operation. Very little power and time is needed to burn the waste.  Only 20 watts of power are needed, compared to 2000 watts for a fully electric incinerating toilet.  Our system is extremely efficient, and only needs 15 minutes to run a urine cycle, or 30-45 minutes for a waste cycle.  Compare this to 30 minutes to and hour and a half with comparable units, or even months with a composting toilet.Unlike some of our competitors, the TinyJohn can be used up to 6 times back to back. The unit is safe to use, even after the burn cycle has been initiated.  The incinerator automatically shuts down if the toilet lid is opened during the cycle.

A TinyJohn incinerating toilet is a must have for the modern adventurer!