Septic Alternative Blackwater and Greywater Incinerator

Septic Alternative Sewage Blackwater and Greywater Combustion System

The WC Series consist of a wide range of waste combustion systems (incinerators) in different sizes and fuel sources. All models in the WC series incinerate from a holding tank and operate with low flush toilets (0.8-1.2 gpf), regular flushing toilets (1.6 gpf), or vacuum toilets (0.2 gpf). WC5, WC32, WC48, WC64 are all included in the WC series and use Propane, Diesel, or Natural Gas as fuel source depending on model and size. The waste combustion systems are ideal for a variety of situations. For example, in remote areas, agricultural areas, and large acreage properties, where there is no access to a City or County sewage system, this is a great alternative. In addition to new installations, a system can be installed and connected to existing toilets. Thus in case there is an issue with failing or too costly sewage solutions one can add on a waste combustion system and eliminate the problems.

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