Got Questions?

Got Questions?

We got answers.

Our FAQ page aims to answer everything you want to know about our toilets.


How heavy is the TinyJohn?

The TinyJohn is 47 lbs and its easy for 2 people to carry.

Is it portable? What method should I use to carry it?

Absolutely! Two, regular sized people can carry it.

Is it difficult to hook up? How do I hook it up?

Not at all. TinyJohn comes equipped with a 3” exhaust pipe to run outside. TinyJohn also comes with a standard 5’ propane hose and regulator.

To hook it up, twist on your propane connections at the TinyJohn terminal and the terminal coming from your propane tank. A standard, 5 gallon barbecue propane tank will work perfectly. TinyJohn also comes with:

1) 12 volt wires which only needs to be connected to a 12v battery.

2) Extension cords and plugs for hook up to 120/240 ac receptacles.

3)  12v dc, 120v ac, 240v ac, - 2 amp @ 12v during operation

* If you are running gas pipe to your ECOJOHN, a standard ⅜” propane connector will work perfectly.

How long does it take to install TinyJohn?

If the 2 people method is used, then both people can install a TinyJohn within just an hour.

Can ECOJOHN go completely off-grid?

Yes! TinyJohn actually only requires a 12v battery source and a small propane tank.

What type of power does TinyJohn use?

TinyJohn uses both electricity and propane.

Can I hook it up to propane?

Of course!

What propane connection is required?

A standard ⅜” connector is required.

Can I run it on gas?

TinyJohn does not run on gas; it only runs on propane, but BigJohn SR 12 can run on diesel. Also, the Family John SR 5 can run on natural gas.

How much gas does it use per month/year?

This all depends on the usage. TinyJohn typically uses one five gallon propane tank every 3 months, or 100 flushes.

Does it need electricity?

Yes. TinyJohn uses a 12v dc, 120/240v ac. Big John uses 12v and 120v.

What kind of electrical connection is required?

Standard electrical connections are required.

How many amps does it draw?

All of our models draw around 2-3 amps.

Is TinyJohn safe?

Completely! TinyJohn has several internal safety features to ensure you don't get harmed. TinyJohn was designed with temp sensors, safety shut off valves and switches to prevent anything from catching fire, completely sealed unit, and completely insulated and sealed burn chamber. As soon as you open the seat, open the control unit, or even open the ash chamber, TinyJohn instantly shuts down to ensure your safety.

How long is a burn cycle?

Burn cycle varies depending on a liquid flush. The burn cycle is 1 hour for liquid flush and 1 ½ hours for a waste flush.

If it’s in a burn cycle, can I use it?

Yes. We made sure you didn't have to wait to do your business. As soon as you open the lid, the burning cycle instantly stops. When you close the lid, the burn cycle will begin again.

How many people can use it immediately after one another?

5 people in a row can use it for the liquid flushes and 2 people in a row for the waste flushes.

Does the vent stack or chimney get hot?

No. In fact, the TinyJohn is equipped with single wall insulation. It is only warm to the touch. The exhaust begins at 300 F. It releases at around 200 F from the top of the pipe, but the pipe will not burn you.

How often do I need to empty the ashes?

It depends on usage. If 2 people use it daily, we recommend checking the ashes every 3 weeks. We also recommend that every time you change the propane tank, you check the ash chamber as well.

How do I clean out the ashes?

All you have to do to clean the ashes is open the access panel in front of the TinyJohn, pull out the tray, and dump the neutralized ash into your yard or trash. You can even vaccum the small amount out of the chamber.

Do I need to clean the bowl of my ECOJOHN?

Yes, you do. The bowl is removable for cleaning to make it easier for you. We provide liners that keep the bowl clean as well. We provide a royal mist spray that allows you to clean the bowl. Overall, cleaning your TinyJohn bowl is simple.

Do I need to change liners with every use?

The liner is not required, but if you use liners, the answer is yes. The liner will drop into the burn chamber when you flush, and it will be incinerated as well.

How much does it cost per flush?

It roughly costs around $0.10 per flush at this point.

What is the cost per month/year?

Currently, TinyJohn costs around $10-20 per month to operate with liners and disposal included.

Can I use it with no water hook ups?

Of course you can! Tiny John is completely waterless. If you require water, our SR5 and WC 5 models will work perfectly.

Can I use it in a very cold environment?

Since TinyJohn is waterless, it can operate in a cold temperature. The propane connections work at temperatures as low as -40 C.

Does it have an emission?

Yes, but the emissions from TinyJohn are extremely low and hardly register on the EPA emissions table.

What are the emissions?

The emissions are CO and Co2 which are only a few parts per million.

What is the maintenance?

The maintenance is really simple. It includes cleaning out the ashes, changing propane tanks, and cleaning the bowl if you don’t use a liner.

How often must I run service/maintenance?

You may need to check your parts around once a year. The maintenance for TinyJohn is extremely minimal.  

Do you have spare parts in stock?

Yes. We carry all of the spare parts you would ever need!

Who do I contact with technical problems?

Contact your local dealer, or contact ECOJOHN to talk with our tech support or customer service departments.

Do you have speed delivery?

Yes, we want to make sure you have what you need, when you need it. If you need a TinyJohn fast, we can deliver.

Does it require a pipe or vent?

Yes. Tiny John requires a vent for exhaust. The exhaust has extremely low emissions and the pipe is warm to the touch.

What is the vent clearance from a wall?

We recommend 5” clearance from the wall, but that is not required.

How should I vent my ECOJOHN? Straight or angled?

You come out through the back of the unit. You can use an elbow and run it up the wall outside, run an elbow straight up the wall inside, or straight out of the wall, perpendicular to the ground. However you choose to vent your toilet, just remember that it is necessary for you to give the ECOJOHN pipe 2” above or beyond the roof or wall.

How does it work?

1) Open the seat.

2) Use your liner if necessary.

3) Use the restroom.

4) Close the seat.

5)Hit the flush button.

6) Trap door opens, releases waste.

7) Trap door closes.

8) Once #7 is complete, the Burn cycle will begin shortly.

9) The burn cycle will run until finished in different stages.

10) The LED indicator will flash green when finished.

* If there is any problem with the burn cycle, a red LED will flash with a description of the problem and troubleshooting.

11) When the max capacity light is on, you must wait for the burn cycle to finish. 12) Also, Tiny John can be set to remind you of cleanings. You can use royal mist to help.

If I use propane, how many flushes can I get per tank? 

You can get around 100 flushes per tank on average.

Is it good for the environment?
Yes! Tiny John provides a zero waste, completely self-contained disposal solution. No emissions. No bacteria.

If you have anymore questions, you can call us at 1-866-ECOJOHN or leave a message on the Contact Us form under the Contact tab on our website for more information.