SepticJohn - Septic Alternative Wastewater Incinerator
SepticJohn - Septic Alternative Wastewater Incinerator
SepticJohn - Septic Alternative Wastewater Incinerator
SepticJohn - Septic Alternative Wastewater Incinerator
SepticJohn - Septic Alternative Wastewater Incinerator
SepticJohn - Septic Alternative Wastewater Incinerator
SepticJohn - Septic Alternative Wastewater Incinerator
SepticJohn - Septic Alternative Wastewater Incinerator
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SepticJohn - Septic Alternative Wastewater Incinerator

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Septic Alternative Black and Grey Sewage Wastewater Incinerator System (process up to 300 gallons per day)

In today's society there are more and more regulations for installing septic tanks. Due to various reasons, such as property doesn't perc, water table is too high, rocky ground, old septic tank is failing, or it is just not practical/cost efficient to install a new septic system.

In these situations a septic alternative is required and this is where Ecojohn can help. Ecojohn has developed a new sewage incinerator system that evaporate all sewage (black and grey water) into a small amount of sterile ash. The ash is sterile and can easily be disposed off.

The SepticJohn systems operate with standard low flush toilets and fixtures, and the incinerator can be connected to existing installations. All wastewater gets plumbed to a holding tank in or above ground, and from there the waste gets pumped into the SepticJohn incinerator when called for. 

These systems are controlled by an advanced PLC control system and Ecojohn offers remote monitoring service for customers who wants that extra layer of support. 

One of the many advantages of these systems is the ease of installation. Basically, the entire system can be installed very quickly without any big mound or leach lines. If you have an existing holding tank, it is possible to leave that and simply hook up the incinerator with pump and ultrasonic level sensor. 

The SepticJohn product line has systems that can process up to 300 gal/day. 


WC5 Mini / WC5 / WC32 / WC48 / WC64

Current Estimated Delivery Time:
6 Weeks

ecojohn features


septic alternative toilet

This system process all sewage into a small amount of sterile ash. Standard fixtures can be used, however, Ecojohn encourage installing efficient low flush toilets and shower head to be as efficient as possible


The SepticJohn incinerator has to be installed above ground and protected from weather (rain/snow). The holding tank can be installed above or below ground. A submersible transfer pump can pump the effluent up to 300 ft, which means that the housing of the SepticJohn incinerator can be away from the house/application. 



The suggested incinerator and holding tank size depends on expected usage and if all sewage needs to be processed or only the black water. Below is a table showing the estimated operating cost and suggested sizing. 




The SepticJohn system is a very safe and convenient appliance when assembled and used properly. In order to provide a high quality system, we have chosen to only use top quality materials that are made to withstand high usage and severe environment. During the production, it goes through several meticulous testing procedures to monitor quality control. The products have also been approved and certified by several worldwide testing agencies such as CE and CSA. The incinerators are equipped with very efficient burners that ensure safety, reliability and very low emission.


Support and After Service

The Ecojohn products are manufactured in the USA. We have a manufacturing plant in Arkansas, and we pride ourselves in providing top quality products and designs. Ecojohn has over 30 years of experience in this industry, and our patented solutions have been certified by many global testing agencies. Each system leaving our facility goes through a monitored testing protocol to ensure quality control.

Although, the systems use propane, natural gas, or diesel to incinerate all wastewater, the emission is very low and within any EPA standards.

All Ecojohn products come with a standard 1-year factory warranty, and we have a strong technical support team if there are any questions during the install or later. We keep all spare parts in stock and can quickly ship you any parts, should you need a replacement component.

As an option, Ecojohn also offer remote monitoring service where our team is monitoring the operation remotely and will alert customer by text or email if anything needs attention.

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